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Niagara Elopement Wedding at Angels We
Angels Wee Wedding Parlour

Elopements and Private Weddings in Niagara

For a sweet, private Christian wedding ceremony or wedding vow renewal, we offer Angel's Wee Wedding Parlour: an elegant, intimate space in our home office. 

Suitable for bride, groom and two witnesses,* we will make your elopement wedding as beautiful, memorable and reverent as your hearts desire.

We provide music, live or recorded, and as many service enhancements as you wish. Contact us for suggestions. We will happily include your personal vows, prayers, poems, or readings. 

Your all-inclusive elopement fee of $360 includes:


* Pre-wedding consultation with your wedding minister

* The service of your wedding minister

* Your personalized ceremony in a keepsake brochure

* A beautiful commemorative marriage certificate

* 5 to 10 digital pictures and video highlights of your wedding

* If needed, we will provide witnesses for an additional fee of $35 each

Angels Wee Wedding Parlour
Angels Wee Wedding Parlour
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