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Celtic Wedding Services

Celtic Wedding Niagara
Celtic Wedding Niagara

We provide a beautiful service of Celtic wedding traditions, service enhancements, blessings and music to make your special day an authentic Celtic celebration! Och, aye!


Some Celtic wedding additions we love to add to your very special Celtic wedding ceremony are the handfasting, sharing of the quaich, jumping the broom, and of course the Celtic blessing.  We're happy to include them all.


Rev. MacQuarrie will proudly don his red and green MacQuarrie tartan kilt, Prince Charlie jacket and full Scottish regalia to honour your Celtic ancestry.

Your Celtic wedding service fee of $375 includes:

* Pre-wedding consultation with your wedding minister

* The service of your wedding minister, in full highland dress

* Celtic service enhancements and blessings

* Your personalized ceremony in a keepsake brochure

* Portable sound system with beautifully recorded Celtic Harp music

* A beautiful commemorative marriage certificate

* 5 to 10 digital pictures and video highlights of your wedding


If you choose, Rev. MacQuarrie will play his small pipes bag pipes as well. Or if you wish, you may choose to hire a professional piper with a full set of Highland Pipes. We can make recommendations.


Note: A wedding rehearsal is one of the best investments a bride and groom can make to reduce stress and ensure your ceremony runs smoothly. Rehearsals are $175 and are not included in your wedding service fee. 

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